World of Darkness, World of Madness.

Things have gone terribly, awfully wrong. Your old life was going along okay, then you fell into some dank hole in the ground, and when you climbed out, things were… different. You don’t know if you can trust your own brain anymore. You don’t know what’s reality and what isn’t. Was that thing in the corner of your eye something that was actually there? Are those whispers coming from the other room? You don’t know.

But it’s time to find out.

Character Generation

Characters will be human only. You are allowed to use only the base WoD book, unless we discuss otherwise. Our first session will be character building. Please use Mr. Gone’s Four Page Interactive Sheet to make your character. I have the PDF available for the core book if needed. Thanks and have fun!

Please check the wiki for house rules.

Madness Rising

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